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In the early 2008 Gabriele Colangelo launched her owen label and signed a 9-year deal with Castor Srl for the production and distribution of pr�t-�-porter collections. He staged a capsule collection to be recognized for timeless, elegance and the capacity to review furs and embroidery concepts with innovative thought.

A capsule collection was presented at Alta Roma catwalk shows at the end of January, as a selection of items produced by Castor, alongside with fur garments shaped by the family company, Colangelo Milano.

The Look

Designer's collections entirely reinvented the concept of luxury and grace. His attention to details investigated new techniques and fabrics, with strong artistic contents, craftsmanship and international appeal.
A modern, harmonic and lively architecture in clothing is the visible sign of Gabriele Colangelo authentic success in meeting women's need to express their own personality, culture and strength.
It's a sort of ethereal equilibrium in aesthetics, suggested by the understanding of a chromatic language, which is not immediate in perception, but revealed from time to time into attention to details.

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