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founded by

Maurice Marciano & Paul Marciano

belongs to

Guess Inc.


In early 2007 Guess introduced a new business concept known as G by Guess. The new brand sought to focus on a target audience similar to Abercrombie's Hollister brand. G by Guess targets men and women of ages 16-23 with more competitive prices and a style that gives a "nod to old Hollywood." Many denim styles are priced within the $40 to $50 range. The new brand is priced similar to Express, American Eagle and Gap. Guess? has already begun heavily promoting the new concept in several cities across the United States. Their stores feature eye-catching displays and offer a sassy night-club atmosphere.


1990 Guess Original (W)
2006 Guess Man (M)
2006 Guess for Woman (W)
2007 Guess Suede (M)
2007 Guess by Marciano for Men (M)
2007 Guess By Marciano (W)
2007 Guess Gold (W)
2010 Seduction (W)

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