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Franck Muller the brand of watches carries the slogan, �Master of Complications�. Franck Muller timepieces are famous for their fusion of "modern" style (mostly inspired by American watches from the thirties, like Elgin tonneau) and traditional Swiss watch manufacturing. The president of the company that holds its name is a watchmaker himself. He claims to design the mechanism of every watch by himself.

The House of Franck Muller opened in 1991 and his ultra complicated timepieces instantly became famous in Europe and the United States. Today his factory, which is also the headquarters of Franck Muller, produces a limited number of watches for private clientele. Today, Franck Muller's collections include a variety of designs and price ranges.

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Demi Moore, Robin Williams, Elton John, 50 Cent, Jos� Mourinho

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