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founded by

Francesco Smalto

belongs to

Alain Dumnil group


Francesco Smalto opened his own store in the 1960s, and had a very precise ideas about the mens suit lines: they would be fitted and nothing else would do.

The Smalto brand is not a fashion. It is a style. A style that only an expert tailor can create for a specific client: unequalled made-to-measure clothing. At Smalto, it takes 70 hours to make a suit, following a technique unique to this master tailor. The structure is constructed in fabric and then the balance lines adjusted with pins. A pattern designer then makes a pattern according to the client file (weight, height, etc.). There is only one fitting, when the suit is almost done, a process perfectly suited to busy men.

In 1991, Francesco Smalto chose Franck Boclet as his successor and named him Artistic Director in 1996. The spiritual son of Mr. Smalto, Franck Boclet is driven by the same passion for clothing and cuts. He continues the tailor tradition and know-how in his choice of fabric, balance of clothing, cuts and finishes. He has the same sharp eye for the perfect drape, perfect fit and perfect finishes that are behind the success of the House of. Smalto.

A new dandy, the creator of an extremely virile and masculine fashion that goes against current androgynous trends, Franck Boclet offers new virility and sensuality for men.

He reinterprets the style of the chic bad boy: a man whose masculinity is transcended by the cut and material of clothing

At the end of 2001, the Alain Dumnil group (Alliance Designers) acquired the House of Smalto. Franck Boclet maintained his position as Artistic Director and was named Operational Director in October 2003, in charge of the brands financial and commercial development. Mr. Smalto remains the Director of the Couture department to which he is very attached. Francesco Smalto is still the leading tailor in the world with 1700 made-to-measure suits per year. New brand-owned boutiques were opened in London, Cannes and Geneva, adding to the network of some 200 retailers, including 17 stands in French leading department stores. International development is focused on reinforcing the presence of the brand in Eastern countries, Russia (boutique about to open in Moscow), the Middle East and Asia. The licenses are being developed with selected partners for trendy sportswear, leather goods, shoes and underwear Moreover, a new Smalto fragrance shall be launched shortly for distribution worldwide.

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Jean Paul Belmondeo, Sean Connery,

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