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founded by

L�on Fogal

belongs to

Gaydoul Group


For more than 80 years, fogal has been synonymous with beauty, elegance and first-class quality. The high standard applies not only to the design, material, workmanship and wearing comfort, but also to the packaging, advising and service.

In 1923, L�on Fogal opens his first store in Zurich. By 1930, three more boutiques open in Zurich, Basel and Bern.

The invention of nylon in 1938 revolutionizes the leg appeal. Fogal is one of the first importers of �nylons� in europe. The Zurich boutique sells out repeatedly, and has to close until new supplies arrive.

In the early sixties, the first elastic tights are produced. The miniskirt fashion implicates the triumphant procession of opaque tights in vibrant colours. Fogal takes part in the front line.

In 1969, Balthasar Meier takes over the six Fogal shops in Switzerland. He makes Fogal into a company of international repute. In 1982, Fogal opens its first international boutique in New York. Later, Fogal shops are opened in Paris, London, Tokyo, Vienna etc. In 2009, Balthasar Meier sells Fogal to the Swiss entrepreneur Philippe Gaydoul and his Gaydoul Group.

The Fogal range includes stockings, tights, suspender stockings and socks in up to 70 different colours. The hosiery range is complemented by matching tops, bodies, lingerie and active wear.

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