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Elliot Rhodes was launched with the opening in November 2004 of the Covent Garden store.

Elliot Rhodes is a concept created out of a passion for belts. They believe that a belt is not only a vital accessory but also a highly personal one. Their goal is to elevate the status of the belt from being an afterthought to being a key to dressing with taste, elegance, style and individuality.

Their aim is simple - to help their customers find a belt strap that suits whatever outfit they may choose to wear and then, to help them find one or more buckles that can make that belt as versatile as possible and above all a truly individual piece created for them alone.

Their unique interchangeable system allows the customer to switch buckles at will, giving them the option to continually modify their belt to suit any number of different occasions.

As you would also expect of a specialist store, all of the belts are custom fitted to ensure a precise fit. They make any alterations while you wait so that you can walk away with a belt that fits exactly as it should.

All of the belts are handcrafted in Italy and Spain using traditional beltmaking techniques.

The full range comprises over 200 belt straps and over 800 buckles. The belt range comprises belts of all widths with an emphasis on belts and buckles that are stylishly fashionable.

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