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Elio Berhanyer


In 1959, he opened his own salon in Madrid.

He started his pret-a-porter line and also introduced his accessories line of purses, shoes, gloves, neckties and handkerchiefs in 1969. In the same year he started his Fragrance line.

He also made coats, suits and stately evening gowns.

In 1983 he also opened a boutique in Mexico.

Elio Berhanyer’s extensive career has included appearances on catwalks on all five continents, in Britain, America, South Africa, Japan, Chile, Israel and Australia, to name a few.

He first appeared on the Madrid Catwalk in 1994 and has been gracing Cibeles with his presence ever since.

Every season since 1994, Elio has been presenting his collections at the Pasarela Cibeles Fashion Show in Madrid.

The Look

A master of the art of couture, Berhanyer retains a consistent style in his work, with a preference for closely-tailored suits and spectacular faille evening gowns in gauze, velvet and brocade rose. His collections are aimed at women with a style of their own, enabling them to express and enhance their personality, whilst finding the perfect attire to cater for their professional, social and leisure needs.

Who Wears It

Ava Gardner, Cyd Charisse and the Countess of Romanones.


1969 Zarabanda
1969 Elios

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