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Eileen Fisher, Inc. is an American women's clothing retailer founded by a clothing designer of the same name. Her clothing is known for simplicity. She has sometimes used non-traditional models in print advertisements, including employees of the company.

Eileen Fisher founded the company bearing her name in 1984 with just US$350. Her first order at a New York clothing designs show was worth three thousand dollars, followed three months with forty thousand dollars in additional sales.

In 2002 the company earned $144 million in revenue and in 2003 $154 million. As of 2003, 35% of Eileen Fisher clothing was manufactured in the United States while the rest was made in China in compliance with Social Accountability International's SA8000.

The company now has 800 employees, consists of 44 retail store and operates in fourteen states, as well as distribution through specialty stores (including Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus) nationwide.

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