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In 1986 Dries Van Noten presented his first menswear collection in Londok, together with five other Belgian designers (�The Antwerp Six�). He currently creates four collections a year (men's and women's, both for summer and winter) and used to have a children's line (no longer in production).

Dries Van Noten works and lives in Antwerp. He has several shops, the first one being "Het Modepaleis" which opened in Antwerp in 1989, followed by shops in Hong Kong and Tokyo. He sells to around 500 shops around the world; his company is entirely self-financed. In 1997, van Noten and his partner Patrick Vangheluwe bought a nearly seven-acre house outside of Antwerp.

The Look

His work is characterised by a creative use of prints (often ethnic), colours, original fabrics and layering. He has a passionate and faithful following despite the fact he does not advertise.
He uses figure-defining fabrics such as jersey and silk knits and is known for layering jackets over dresses and trousers. He also produces sleek suits with jackets buttoned on the diagonal, long duster coats and matte sequined evening dresses.
Van Noten is known for his eclectic use of themes. Prints and embroidery decorate Eastern and Western garments, a sarong is placed over trousers, a sari under a double-breasted jacket.

Who Wears It

Jennifer Lopez, Cate Blanchett,

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