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Donna Karan Cosmetics is a reflection of Donna’s mission to deliver what women need, want and desire. It brings out the inner beauty and power that all women possess. Inspired by the universal language of fashion through the fluidity of soft fabrics that sculpt the body, Donna Karan introduced Donna Karan fragrances and luxury body products. For Donna, it has always been about lifestyle, never just about clothes. Scent is embraced as the first layer of dressing and the ultimate accessory.


1992 Donna Karan Eau de Parfum
1992 Donna Karan New York (W)
1994 Donna Karan Cashmere Mist (W)
1994 DK Men Fuel
1995 DK Men Unleaded
1996 Chaos (W)
2000 DKNY (W)
2000 DKNY (M)
2002 Black Cashmere(W)
2002 DKNY Energy (W)
2002 DKNY Energy Men
2004 Pure Cashmere (W)
2004 DKNY Be Delicious (W)
2005 DKNY Be Delicious (M)
2006 DKNY Red Delicious Women
2006 DKNY Red Delicious Men
2006 Donna Karen Gold (W)
2007 DKNY Summer (W)
2007 DKNY Be Delicious Men (M)
2007 DKNY Be Delicious Picnic in the Park (M)
2007 DKNY Be Delicious Picnic in the Park (W)
2007 DKNY Be Delicious Shine (W)
2007 DKNY To Go Women (W)
2008 DKNY Summer 2008 (W)
2008 DKNY Be Delicious Art Men(M)
2008 DKNY Be Delicious Charmingly Delicious (W)
2008 DKNY Be Delicious Kisses (W)
2008 DKNY Be Delicious Red Art (W)
2008 DKNY Be Delicious RED ART Men (M)
2008 DKNY Red Delicious Charmingly Delicious (W)
2009 DKNY Women Summer (W)
2009 DKNY Be Delicious (W)
2009 DKNY Be Delicious Pop-Art Optic (W)
2009 DKNY Energy for Men (M)
2009 DKNY Energy for Women (W)
2009 DKNY Love from New York (M)
2009 DKNY Love from New York (W)
2009 DKNY Men 2009 (M)
2009 DKNY Men Summer 2009 (M)
2009 DKNY Women Limited Edition (W)

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