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Dolores Promesas

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Leyenda Personal


Womenswear brand Dolores Promesas, owned by Leyenda Personal, was founded in Madrid in 2005, although its first collection did not arrive in the shops until the spring-summer 07 season.

Dolores Promesas has three product lines: Heaven is about excellent quality and innovative design; the slightly more downmarket Earth is aimed at fashion-conscious consumers; while Hell is the most sexy and provocative of the three.

Dolores Promesas sells from more than 250 points of sale all over Spain, 230 of which are multi-brand retailers, while 21 are in El Corte Ingl�s department stores. The company turned over �307,000 euros in 2006 and expects to exceed a million euros in 2007. Its future ambitions include growth in foreign markets, opening its own stores and awarding licences to develop Dolores Promesas products to complement its clothes collections.

The Look

Designed for a modern, young woman, it steers clear of fashion fads in favour of a very personal style. The brand philosophy is inspired by Dolores herself (the founder�s alter ego and designer of the Nube brand), resulting in a brave new product with its own special identity.
The "narrow" target market of Dolores Promesas are young women, aged from 25 to 35, who identify with the spirit of the brand (positive, open, brave, etc), obviously like fashion and are daring enough to start new trends. It basically includes anyone who identifies with the Dolores spirit, regardless of their age and sex.

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