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Dinh Van is a French jewellery brand founded ba Jean Dinh Van in Paris in 1965. The brand achieved his breakthrough when Dinh Van created the two pearls square ring he made sign by Pierre Cardn. Sold in the whole world, now it has a place in the Decorative Arts Museum of Paris. At the end of the sixties, Jean Dinh Van decided jewelry may leave the traditional Vend�me place! His creations were distributed at the Publicis Drugstore, the mythical store that proposes to sell �luxury for everyone�.

True icon, The Menottes dinh van were created in 1976. The embraced handcuffs remind the union of two loved ones. Strong and audacious symbol, the Menottes dinh van represent love, friendship, and attachment.

The same year, Jean Dinh Van opened his first store, rue de la Paix, number 7. More than a simple store, he exhibits art and projects he trusts in.

At the end of the seventies, new shops opened in New York on Madison Avenue, Geneva or Brussels.

In 1980, Jean Dinh Van exhibited the famous C�sar�s breast-shaped piece of jewelry.

A short time later, he took the audacious decision to be the first one to distribute Swatch watches in France. It made the headlines of the newspapers that denunciate, then, �a tragedy Rue de la Paix�.

In the nineties, a law authorized the import of 9k gold in France (an alloy with a very small proportion of gold). In order to protest against the use of such a poor alloy of gold, dinh van created the Chinese Pi, a piece of jewelry out of 24k pure gold. Inspired by Asian jade discs, the Chinese Pi is manually- hammered, which makes each piece unique.

The end of decade is marked by the cord bracelet success story, which became dinh van signature. True trend phenomenon, the cord bracelet will inspire everyone.

In 2004, the White & Black collection was launched from the association between dinh van and the young designer Milan Vukmirovic: white agate and onyx decorate the famous Chinese Pi.

In 2008, dinh van opened a new Parisian store on the most beautiful avenue of the world: at 123, avenue des Champs Elys�es.

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