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founded by

Tommy Netten

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Tommy Netten


DEPT seamlessly combines feelings and fashion from the heart, making the brand reliable and inspiring since 1996. Full of international flavour, DEPT is constantly evolving fashion, packed with magical moments and global references, translated into a conversation that is easy to understand for women of all ages.

Tommy Netten, had a vision for the Dutch market: to create a retail environment that was new to the territory, inspired by creative retailing of New York. So in the mid 90’s the first DEPT store was opened in Utrecht. It wasn’t long until a small collection of own-branded products were introduced. By 1996 a full collection was being designed, and the next step was to sell this brand wholesale, first in Holland, and then around the world. This developed to 9 DEPT stores in Holland, and the DEPT Collection has been embraced in over 1800 stores worldwide, with distribution partners in over 18 countries.

As well as the original showroom in the south of Holland, DEPT is constantly expanding its distribution newtwork, with representation throughout Europe and America and new showrooms in Amsterdam, Belgium, Berlin, Copenhagen and Los Angeles

The Look

With each collection DEPT present a familiar feeling in the composition, through a logical structure in the use of materials, a clear handling of colours and designs, plus the right proportion of eye-catchers and must-have basics. Elaborate themes, with the emphasis on new shapes and designs, carry a strong character and a clear signature. DEPT‘s collections always champion a rich collage of pattern and colour with fun details. It is what DEPT are famous for, and proud of it. Each collection has its own colour signature and aura, and is always 100% DEPT.

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