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David Morris jewellery goes beyond fashion. Since the company�s inception in the late 1950s the brand is widely considered to be a benchmark in excellence. With a flagship store on Bond Street and boutiques worldwide, David Morris is renowned for its unrivalled quality and beautiful design.

David Morris earned fame for designing one-of-a-kind pieces for the James Bond films. During the 1990s, the brand held concessions in Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges & Co. before opening its Bond Street flagship store in 1996. Under the direction of Jeremy and his wife, Erin, the company continues to create unique, handmade pieces.

David Morris jewelry lies not only in the imaginative and original design but in the very gems that are hand picked for each creation.

With an innate flair for the art of jewellery, David Morris� son Jeremy Morris continues on the principle of creating unique and imaginative pieces to exacting standards. Using expert craftsmanship, classic techniques and innovative design, each piece has a lasting and timeless appeal. By combining rare and exquisite stones with traditional materials David Morris produces jewellery which transcends each generation.

The Look

Jewellery from the House of David Morris is an art form which evokes natural beauty. For over half a century, the creative spirit has guided a revolutionary approach to design and has re-defined modern glamour. David Morris jewellery speaks of love, passion and the imaginative flair from which it was created; it bestows on the wearer an iconic and classic status.
By combining hand-craftsmanship with modern expertise, jewellery from the House of David Morris is something totally unique. The David Morris woman is strong, independent and alluring. She has an untouchable elegance and is looking for pieces that are unique to her.

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Victoria Beckham,

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