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Graham Cutler and Tony Gross

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Graham Cutler and Tony Gross


Over the last 40 years Graham Cutler and Tony Gross have spear-headed the revolution that turned eyewear from medical necessity into key fashion accessory. From their London base in Knightsbridge, Cutler and Gross began building its eyewear empire. The Cutler and Gross brand has become a by-word for originality and flair. Its client base transcends all ages, industries and backgrounds, drawing from the worlds of music, the arts, finance, fashion, journalism and design.

In the year 2001, Tony Gross launched Cutler and Gross Vintage store just a stone throw from Cutler and Gross flagship store as an outlet for lifetime passion for collecting rare and beautiful frames. The store is a treasure trove of iconic ranges from labels such as Cazal, adored by the 80's hip-hop giants, original Porsche designs, mouth watering Pucci Sorbet Shades from the 70's right through to collectable one-offs from 40's and 50's, not forgetting Cutler and Gross own classic collectable glasses dating back from the 60's.

Both stores are the authoritative barometer for the forthcoming trends in both sunglasses and optical styles. Tapping into that elusive British eccentricity, Cutler and Gross maintains that they never try to impose a fashion on their clients. They are innovative but never complicated and are motivated only by the innate desire to make people look and feel good.

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