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Clements Ribeiro is a design team of husband and wife. Suzanne Clements was born in Surrey, England, in 1969, Inacio Ribeiro was born in Itapecerica, Brazil, in 1963. They met while they were both studying at St. Martin's School of Art, London from 1988 to 1991. They both graduated in 1991 and married in 1992. Inacio had done some design work in Brazil before joining St. Martins, Suzanne had studied fine arts.

After working as design consultants for various fashion companies, they started their own house in London in 1993. Their first catwalk show was with the New generation collections at Harvey Nichols in 1994. They made their first appearance in Vogue the same year.

In 1995, during London fashion week, they presented their collection at the Brazilian Embassy in London. The next year, 1996, they launched their shoe range and in 1998 introduced a Diffusion range.

In 2000, Clements Rebeiro were appointed designers for the French house of Cacharel. Their Spring/Summer 2001 collection featured printed dresses adorned with a Japanese obi shape around the waist. Their Autumn/Winter 2002 collection was also a wonderful success. They have been able to breathe new life in the elegent old house of Cacharel.

Clements Rebeiro presented their Spring/Summer 2003 collection in Paris in October 2002 which was very well received. The outfit on the left is from the Summer collection.

This was Clements Ribeiro's first London show for 3 seasons. They have been based in Paris but made a triumphant return home during London Fashion Week in February 2003. They kept simple pieces - mini jumper dresses, round-collared Jackie O box jackets, patterned tunics with bright abstract artworks with a 60's feel.

Elizabeth Jagger, daughter of Jerry Hall, was their star model with her mum in the front row.

They had some financial difficulties at Spring/Summer 2006, but friends rallied round and they were able to show their collection this season. They pared down to only 19 looks but it was enough to delight their audience. Their intricate knits and vibrant embellishments gave a really mod look to the collection. Circle symbols on sweaters and still fabrics such as pique gave freshness to the clothes. Printed bags came along with each outfit.

The Look

Their graphically patterned cashmere has become their trademark, from bold rainbow or zebra stripes, to the English flag. Ribeiro says "we do simple cuts with strong fabrics, we call it clumsy couture." They combine simple uncluttered shapes with an exuberant use of colours, prints and materials.
They invert established values by using couture fabrics for basic day-wear, such as a T-shirt in pure cashmere. In 1996, they produced a collection of garments with multi-coloured stripes and diagonal checks.

Who Wears It

Elizabeth Jagger

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