Calzedonia S.p.A.
Via Monte Baldo, 20
37062 Dossobuono di Villafranca


founded by

Sandro Veronesi

belongs to

Calzedonia Group


Hosiery factory that also produces bathing suits and underwear. It was established in 1987 in Vallese di Oppeano, near Verona. The idea for the company came from Sandro Veronesi. The challenge: to make a success out of an initial investment of 500 million liras (about � 250.000) and the idea of exponential growth in the sale of men's, women's and children's hosiery and clothing through a network of franchise shops. The brand to be promoted was Calzedonia (the same as the company's corporate name).

Little more than twenty years later, the Calzedonia network boasts more than 1200 shops throughout the world: Italy, Austria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, Portugal. Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, France, Macedonia, Montenegro, UK and Slovak Republic.

The success of Calzedonia is the result of a number of factors: the huge range of products, the particular attention paid to fashion, the unbeatable quality-price ratio. These are some of the features that have enabled Calzedonia to satisfy even its most demanding customers.

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