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Calvin Klein


In the late 1970s, Calvin Klein revolutionized jeanswear and pushed the boundaries of advertising imagery with the introduction of cK Calvin Klein Jeans, the original designer jean. The legendary Brooke Shields advertising campaign, with its irresistible suggestion of sexiness, burned the company name and image into the world�s consciousness.

The Warnaco Group maintains Calvin Klein Jeans and corresponding outlet stores in the US and elsewhere, carrying the denim and casual collections. International Calvin Klein Jeans stores exist around the globe. Among many other countries in the UK, Germany, Greece, Croatia, Egypt, India, Australia and New Zealand.

CK39: A designer denim line targeting the high-end modern consumer launched in Spring 2005. It features premium fabrics and finishes, innovative logo details, custom hardware and uses exceptional construction to achieve superior fits. CK39 is sold in select specialty and high-end department stores.

The Look

Since the introduction of the original Calvin Klein jean in 1978, Calvin Klein Jeans are positioned as an authentic designer jeans brand known for innovative fit and unique details and denim treatments. Clean, effortless styling with an element of edginess is the essence of the brand. Calvin Klein Jeans has always been a driving force in the fashion industry and is famous for its memorable advertising and innovative denim designs.
Today Calvin Klein Jeans has evolved into a sexy, modern brand, creating styles that are at once pure and edgy yet natural and unassuming. This season fuses exciting new styles and silhouettes with new washes and modern fabrications�all with the same great fit.


1978 Calvin Klein
1979 Calvin Klein for Men
1981 Calvin
1985 Obsession
1986 Obsession for Men
1988 Eternity
1989 Eternity for Men
1991 Escape
1993 Escape for Men
1995 CK One
1997 CK BE
1998 Contradiction (W)
1999 Contradiction (M)
2000 Truth (W)
2000 Truth (M)
2002 Eternity Rose Blush (W)
2002 Truth Blush (W)
2002 Sheer Obsession (W)
2002 Crave (M)
2003 Eternity Purple Orchid (W)
2004 Eternity Love (W)
2004 Eternity Moment (W)
2004 Eternity Summer (M)
2004 Eternity Summer (W)
2004 CK One Summer (W)
2005 CK Summer (W)
2005 Obsession Night (W)
2005 Obsession Night (M)
2005 Euphoria (W)
2006 Euphoria (M)
2007 Euphoria Blossom (W)
2007 CK IN 2 u (m) and (w)

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