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B'Sbee is the name of a turquoise stone from Arizona, this stone, along with a red wool string is a sign of good luck and true love for life and nature.

B'Sbee -made in the shade- is a message a style. A new attitude toward life, people and the natural environement.

B'Sbee was born in the year 2001 with a strong commitment to spread a critical message against those behaviors that have lead society and the environment to where they are today: pollution, global warming, wild exploitation of natural resources, absolute profit research and a total lack of respect for the weak elements.

From it's very first collection B'Sbee uses ecological / sustainable material and promote responsible marketing policy.

Travel, discovery, integration and respect are the roots of the B'Sbee philosophy. Action is based on research : research for original and ecological materials, and also for the positive things happening in the world.

The Look

Hemp, organic cotton, natural wool, recycled plastic are the contents of the project which proposes sustainable, up to date and functional garments.

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