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Launched in 1994 by - the two brothers Teis and Bjorn Bruun � Bruuns Bazaar was one of the pioneers within the Scandinavian fashion scene. Bruuns Bazaar was the first to present an explicit Scandinavian and yet international look, the one, which creates a lot of interest and acknowledgement around the world.

Bruuns Bazaar�s elegant and characteristic design led the brand to enter � as the first Danish fashion house � the official show calendar in Paris in January 1999.

Today, Bruuns Bazaar is a modern international design company, crating mens- and womenswear, accessories and eyewear that breaks with the norms and stands out for its personal attitude.

The company represents both the Bruuns Bazaar brand as well as the independent and younger line BZR line. BZR is Bruuns Bazaar�s successful diffusion line launched in 1999. Since then, BZR has grown into a independent fashion-conscious label. In August 2008 it manifest its independence by presenting the spring summer 2009 collection at its own fashion show during Copenhagen Fashion Week. Key words are cool comfort.

The Bruuns Bazaar headquarter is located in the centre of Copenhagen and together with Bruuns Bazaar�s own shops � nine in Denmark, three in Sweden, three in Norway and one in France � Bruuns Bazaar today employs more than 160 people and is present in more than 1000 shops in 30 countries.

The Look

The Bruuns Bazaar look is vibrant and charismatic where the individual expression is understated yet distinct. Key words are relaxed elegance.

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