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Brian Atwood created his eponymous shoe label in 2001, and has since developed a devoted, cult like following for his brazenly sexy footwear. The most elaborate skins, the longest fringe, the most glittering jewels go into his fantasy footwear, which brilliantly illustrates that over the top truly begins at the bottom.

Not surprisingly, Brian Atwood shoes have become a hit with fashion editors and top boutiques around the world.

The Look

Atwood, clearly an ally for all females, is singularly devoted to making women�s bottom halves look long, lean and fabulously sexy � and he does all that without killing their feet. His wicked stilettos, filled with detail and unusual contrasts, are expertly constructed using only the finest luxury materials. But even more irresistible is what he calls �The Cinderella Factor� � the instantaneous transformation that occurs on a woman�s face as her foot slides into the magical shoe.

Who Wears It

Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman and Madonna

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