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Black & Denim is a men’s ready-to-wear apparel company located in Tampa, FL. The brand was originally founded on March 17, 2008.

The collection consists of tees, woven shirts, denim jeans, and accessories.

Black & Denim is composed of four young entrepreneurs (Roberto Torres, Michael Gil, Chris Findeisen, Luis Montanez) each with specific business expertise that merged to develop the look, idea, and culture of the brand.

The Look

Without a defined beginning or end, the combination of black & denim is eternal. The Black & Denim Apparel Company is the interpretation of timeless, classic, casual wear with a bold, stylish, sexy, and sophisticated appeal.
Black & Denim derives its conception from the combination of two basic fashion elements: the mystery and allure of the color black, with the ruggedness and strength of denim.

The Black & Denim Apparel Company’s basis of design is largely inspired by history, culture, and progress. Influenced by the classic simplicity of comfort and style in original T-shirts and blue jeans. Timeless in nature Black & Denim is able to continuously advance in fashion by supporting the belief in satisfaction of service. It is a truly powerful form of expression to be able to wear a piece that is able to show individuality; a respect and appreciation of where we come from as a whole and where we’re going as a people.

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