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Basi SA was founded in 1948 as a workshop for making high quality knitwear that was sold in the most prestigious establishments in Spain.

From 1962, Basi has the La Chemise Lacoste license to manufacture and distribute this label's garments in Spain.

The brand Armand Basi is created in 1986, a contribution to the new Barcelona, with a distinct international objective and unmistakable design. That same year, the label took part in its first fashion show in Barcelona.

In the 70s, Juste de Nin, a member of the Basi family, joined the company and after a few years he took over the creative direction of the company. In 1987, the company opened its current factory in Badalona, equipped with a more extensive technological infrastructure, which allows the firm to continue its permanent search for innovation in knitwear.

Since 1994, Armand Basi has been operating in Spain, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, US, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, France, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Russia, Arab Emirates, Dominican Republic, Singapore and Taiwan. In May 1995, the firm opened its first store in London, followed by more stores in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, Puerto Ban�s and Vigo in Spain, as well as Dubai and various international airports.

1998 was a landmark year for the firm as it opened new stores in Spain and abroad, and expanded its shop in the shop distribution system. Ever since that year, Armand Basi has been showing its collections twice a year in Paris in the category pr�t-�-porter menswear.

From 1999 onwards, the Armand Basi firm began to diversify, entering the fragrance market with the launch of Armand Basi Hombre and Armand Basi Mujer. It further expanded its offer with collections of glasses, belts, jewellery, watches and footwear. In 2005, the company opened its first store in Russia.

Currently, the firm is continuing its international expansion thanks to the genius of its creative director, Juste de Nin. Two new young creators have also joined the firm, Markus Lupfer and Josep Abril, heading up the design teams for the menswear and womenswear collections respectively. The label�s collections are aimed at active, independent, urban men and women, educated and sensitive, with a marked sense of individuality.

The Look

The look: The collection includes a wide range of soft tailoring and casual weekend wear which appeats to the young, urban independent man and woman.

Who Wears It

Lily Allen


1999 Basi Homme (M)
2000 Basi Femme (W)
2000 Armand Basi Homme (M)
2003 In Red (W)
2005 In Blue (M)
2007 Lovely Blossom (W)
2008 Silver Nature (M)

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