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Anne Klein pioneered the modern concept of American sportswear with her collection of mix-and-match separates, which launched in 1968 by Anne Klein in partnership with her second husband Matthew Rubinstein. Though Klein died unexpectedly in 1974, her company has remained a sportswear mainstay and served as a design launching pad for many�Donna Karan, Richard Tyler, Patrick Robinson, and Charles Nolan among them. Over the years, the house has struggled to maintain the legacy of its founder, and the past few seasons have been marked by a lack of solid brand identity. For fall 2007, the house made a big push to go upscale and reclaim its designer status with Isabel Toledo at the helm.

The Look

Anne became one of the most popular sportswear designers in the USA, famous for matching dresses and jackets, wasp-waisted dresses, blazers and battle jackets. She also made hooded blouson tops and slinky jersey dresses. Her clothes were smart, practical and fashionable.

Who Wears It

Alicia Silverstone


1984 Anne Klein (w)
1985 Anne Klein II (W)
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