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founded by

Hiram Hutchinson


Aigle offer essential, contemporary products for men, women and children. Their efforts focus on the use of innovative design, materials and production techniques in the development of durable, functional, fashionable clothing, shoes and boots.


Hiram Hutchinson and Charles Goodyear were both fond of the cauchu (literally "weeping tree" - rubber tree - in Amerindian). In 1850 Charles Goodyear invented a vulcanisation process that made latex irreversibly elastic and waterproof, while Hiram Hutchinson bought his patent to make shoes, boots and protective clothing.

In 1853 Hiram Hutchinson landed in France, and in Montargis he set up "La Compagnie du Caoutchouc Souple" (The Flexible Rubber Company) which produced waterproof shoes, boots and clothes on a large scale. He patented the brand "A L'Aigle" as a tribute to the American Bald Eagle.

During the Roaring Twenties, the French were getting into cars and women's skirts were getting skimpier. A L'Aigle went industrial, and offered chic "parisiennes" raincoats, reversible gabardines, light pink coated underwear, corset fabric and of course city boots and shoes, all in rubber!

During the 50�s the rubber shoes get popular. Tennis and basketball shoes in canvas with rubber soles were handmade at the Ch�tellerault plant. Entire generations have worn them.

The shoe workshop employed some 1,850 staff and manufactured 30,000 pairs a day.

In the Sixties, patent rubber boots were worn with the first mini skirts. They took Parisian boulevards and discotheques by storm.

The first boots designed and manufactured at the Ch�tellerault plant in 1968. Worn in all gardens. Their little leather pullers made them stand out from the crowd. To this day they are best sellers in Gardening collections

Blue boots with two white stripes, worn by all sailors, were developed with Marc Pajot for the Munich Olympics in 1972. The brand got in step with the modern world. Famed for their two white stripes, sailors still swear by them.

A revolution in the small world of horses in 1973. Aigle invented Ecuyer, the boots bent hell for leather on looking like leather. Ecuyer has become the top-selling riding boot worldwide.

In the 80�s Aigle naturally re-centred the firm on its core market, by developing textile and shoe lines with the "outdoor protection" angle. In 1988 Aigle developed the first range of hiking shoes and in 1989 launched the first textile collection. Parallel to this, in 1990 the first shop on the Boulevard St Germain in Paris and corners distribution policy was implemented. In 1991 saw a launch of the nautical and hiking textile range.

The young Japanese are fascinated with American culture, making outdoors a strong fashion trend and develop a clothing licence in Japan. "French touch" outdoor wear was a hit. In October 1993, Aigle opened the first Japanese shop in the Shibuya quarter of Tokyo.

In 1995, Aigle relaunched the concept of travel garments that were both chic and technical.

By 2000 Aigle had 100 shops worldwiede, 46 in Europe and 56 in Asia.

With its new shop concept and its new logo, Aigle has taken on a truly modern image in 2005. Ethereal, covering all territories from the mountains to the plains and from the lakes to the oceans, transmitting the values that form the foundation of the brand: emotion and dreams.

These boots walk down streets from Paris to Tokyo, they can be printed or in solid colours. Their creator, Vivianne Cazeneuve, has brought originality and colours to these boots and garden clogs.

In 2006 Gideon Day, Aigle's Artistic Director, has the ambition of creating a strong and attractive brand image, by means of both products and advertising.

Today Aigle has 124 shops worldwide, including 66 in France, 17 in Europe and 41 in Asia.

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