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founded by Francesco

Ilorini Mo

belongs to

Ermenegildo Zegna Group


In 1999 The Ermenegilso Zegna Group reached an agreement to take control of Lanerie Agnona Spa of Borgosesia – Italy.

Agnona is one of the most exclusive brands of prestigious textile and clothing items in the world. Thants to its original experience in the manufacture of precious fabrics used regularly for the collections of some of the most important stylists in fashion, this company has been manufacturing its own ready-to-wear women’s, men’s and knitwear collections since the 70s.

The Company was founded at the beginning of the 50s on the basis of a business project by Francesco Ilorini Mo, in order to reach the highest segment of the market for women’s clothing fabric; Ermenegildo Zegna believed in the project since the beginning and supported its initial phases.

Eccentric and innovative, he discovered the pleasure of respecting the raw materials and shaping them in a style that was simple and natural. He developed a preferential relationship with the most important woolgrowers in the world and always achieved unmistakable quality: superfine wools in Australia, alpaca in Peru, cashmere and camelhair in Tibet and China. Since 1994 Agnona has been one of the three members of the International Vicua Consortium, thanks to which it, and only two other members in the world, have the worldwide exclusive on the production and sale of that invaluable fibre.

At the Borgosesia facility in Italy, every stage of the procedure is entrusted to specialist departments where technology and craftsmanship work hand in hand. A production that can count on the direct acquisition of the raw materials, on its conversion into precious fabrics, and on garments with a modern style, close attention to detail, and exceptional finish.

Very soon, thanks to the significant creative and technical contribution given by Francesco

Ilorini Mo and his Family, the Company made a name for itself on the international market with its

valuable fabrics such as cashmere, alpaca, camel-hair, extra-fine wool and, more recently, vicuña.

Agnona Spa, as Zegna, is a vertical integrated company going from raw material to the final


Today Agnona's windows look on to the international shopping streets of Milan, Florence, Venice and Porto Cervo, and the most important airports - Milan Malpensa and Venice Marco Polo - in Tokyo, Shanghai and Seoul, in the dedicated areas of the most prestigious department stores - Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Harrod's - as well as in the best speciality stores in the world's principal markets.

The Company’s turnover for 1997 was 67 billion liras (40 million US$) mainly accounted for

in Japan and USA, where Agnona also owns a number of shops. The Company employs worldwide

around 270 people.

Alberto Ilorini, son of the Company’s founder, will continue to be the Chairman of the

Agnona Board of Directors, with responsibilities for products and image.

Paolo Zegna - co-managing director, with his cousin Gildo, of the Ermenegildo Zegna Group

- stated that "the purpose of this move is to have Agnona's business remain autonomous from Zegna,

in order to pay full respect to its brand".

The Zegna Group turnover is expected to be, for 1998, 880 billion liras (530 million US$).

Between 1993 and 1997 it doubled its sales, of which 80% are currently made up by foreign


The Look

Agnona pret-a-porter collection plus knitwear for women is simple elegant that underlines the value of teh raw materials and craftsmanship. Lines and fabrics go together, one enhancing the other with a harmony that identifies Agnona.

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