Sao Paulo
Al. Franca, 1243
Jardim Paulista
Sao Paulo SP � CEP 01422 001
+ 55 11 2925 2300


founded by

Adriana Barra

belongs to

Adriana Barra


Adriana Barra is a Brazilian fashion brand founded in Sao Paulo in 2002.

The brand has two own shops in Brazil, one in Sao Paulo and one in Rio de Janeiro. Additionally, the collection can also be found all over the world in the UK, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Japan, to name a few.

The Look

The brand mission is to highlight the woman's femininity and glamour, by applying sensuality and romance through unusual shapes. The designs are elegant and soft, showing various details and prints, made up of fine materials such as natural fibers in high quality. Each garment is stitched manually to an exclusive piece.

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