Lucky Magazine\'s February Cover Features Three Fashion Bloggers

In a fashion forward move Lucky Magazine's February Cover Features Three Fashion Bloggers: Chiara Ferragni, Nicole Warne, and Zanita Whittington. It is the first time that style bloggers have landed a magazine cover.

The bloggers are all superstars in their realm. Chiara Ferragni is of The Blonde Salad, while Zanita Whittington, and Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl and have been dubbed "Fashion's Digital Superstars" by the magazine which says that bloggers can also be tastemakers: "it's no longer uncommon at shows to see editors seated alongside bloggers who just a few years ago saw fashion as a mere hobby rather than a full-fledged career."

The glorious shoot was taken in Paris. Lucky magazine EIC Eva Chen (who is the youngest editor and first Asian-American Editor-in-Chief at the publishing house) has made a cutting edge move by choosing three fashion bloggers in lieu of a model or mainstream celebrity.