Originally hailing from Sweden, Lina Österman, 28, moved to London to study at Central Saint Martin’s famed Fashion Knitwear course. Having worked for Jens Laugesen and number of internships such as Martin Margiela in Paris, she launched her own ready-to-wear label Pudel in 2005. With Pudel’s first showings in Copenhagen, Österman was approached by buyers from Japan, Scandinavia and the UK as well she was asked to design a capsule collection for TOP SHOP to be sold exclusively from the Oxford Circus store.

Following Lina’s graduation from Central Saint Martin’s in 2008, Österman launched her second line Lina Österman, fusing Pudel’s unisex concept with a high end appeal that is evident in a deluxe choice of fabrics, finishing and detail.

In 2009, Österman introduced a limited edition silver jewellery collection in collaboration with the former employee from famous rock jewellery The Great Frog, which is all hand made in London.

Österman have made stage clothing for musicians such as Jared Leto, Lykke Li, Scissor Sisters and the XX.

Today Österman is famed for her signature studded garments which are hand crafted in the London office, her collection also includes fine knitwear and tailoring garments.

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