Gisele Bundchen
Born July 20 1980
in Três de Maio, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
"“Everybody knows the standard for models is to be thin, but you can't generalize and say that all models are anorexic.”"
Gisele in The Associated Press


It all started in July 20, 1980 Gisele Caroline Bündchen was born in a town called "Trs de Maio", Rio Grande do Sul, in the extreme south of Brazil. Nobody knew, but that small baby called Gisele was going to change fashion world forever, not far from then.

Her twinkling navy eyes and va-va-voom physique have won her more than 500 magazine covers, a total that’s second only to Diana, Princess of Wales’s. Also cited as a secret to Bündchen’s success is her extraordinary industriousness. Having brought home the bacon since the age of fourteen—when she was discovered by an Elite agency scout as she was chowing down on a burger in a São Paulo shopping mall—she’s well known in the industry for her cheerful professionalism. The way to the top really started in 1999, when Gisele did something never done before. She was in all the important covers, editorials, fashion shows and advertisements. All in one shot. In November 1999 there was Gisele Bündchen, 19 years old, next to the fashion divas (like Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer and many others) in Vogue America Millennium Edition cover. In that same end of year, Gisele, again, proved the world that she was the most famous and important model of the moment. She won the "Model of the Year" award, in Vogue Fashion Awards.

Gisele had already changed the fashion world forever with her perfect curves and sculptural body, maybe without even realizing it. In her infinite beauty and lovable modesty. In the late 1990s, Bündchen was the first in a wave of Brazilian models to find international success. In 1999, Vogue dubbed her "The Return of the Sexy Model", and she was credited with ending the "heroin chic" era of modeling. Bündchen was one of Victoria's Secret Angels from 2000 until mid-2007. Bündchen pioneered the "horse walk", a stomping movement created when a model picks her knees up high and kicks her feet out in front.Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell have stated that Bündchen is the only true remaining supermodel.

As the year 2000 approached, Gisele Bündchen was the world’s hottest model, opening up a new category in the popular imagination: the Brazilian bombshell. Anna Wintour of Vogue crowned her the “model of the millennium. Designers couldn’t agree more. “Gisele is totally illuminated, and it comes from within,” Michael Kors once observed. “She is warm-hearted, good-humored, and has a lot of self-esteem.” The fashion magazine editors started to call Gisele an ubermodel. "uber" in German means "over". That means Gisele was considered one of the best models ever. No other model had been called like that. Also in 2000 Gisele signed maybe the most important contract in her entire career. It was a millionaire contract with Victoria's Secrets, for five years. Gisele started to wear all the Victorias Secrets lingerie, be in all the fashion shows and fill the pages in the catalogs. In 2000 VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards Gisele didn't win any awards...that's because she was the host. Next to Cuba Gooding Junior she made jokes and passed the throne to Carmen Kass, as the model of the year.

In September 2000, the Rolling Stone magazine had, for the fourth time, a model in its cover. After Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and Laetitia Casta, there was Gisele Bündchen. The fourth model ever to be in a Rolling Stone cover, a space famous for having the greatest rock and pop stars icons. And the title, written in white over a blue background was: "The most beautiful girl in the world". Few would disagree.

In the beginning of 2001 Gisele announced to the world what she called a "retirement". It was an exaggeration. She was thinking about her life quality. "I have been a slave of my work for five years, now I want some time for me. I will only work for the ones who like me". In that "ones" was included Dolce & Gabbana. She also have done some works for Christian Dior. She was still working for Victoria's Secrets and, in Brazil, she had an exclusive contract for the department store C&A.

And some might ask "why Gisele?" or "what does she have that no one else has?". The answer could be "Gisele has the perfect combination". To be a model it's required much more than just a cute face and a flawless body. It's also required a lot of hard work, a lot of determination and a lot of luck (why not?). And what's the best definition of luck if it's not Gisele's father definition: "luck is a combination of opportunity and hard work". Gisele saw the opportunities and had the intelligence and the courage to go after it.

And the days go by and Gisele never looses her grace. She just keeps charming people by the way she is, just being herself. And so far, she has shown us that it's enough. Enough to grab everyone's attention when she passes, enough to make a man shake his knees just by looking at her face Gisele has also ventured into acting. She did a supporting role in Taxi (2004), for which she was nominated at the Teen Choice Awards for Choice Movie Breakout Performance and for Choice Movie Bad Guy. Gisele also had a supporting role in The Devil Wears Prada (2006), and from 2010-2011, she was the executive producer of an educational environmental cartoon, Gisele & the Green Team. Gisele supports many charities including Save the Children, Red Cross and Doctors without Borders, as well as dedicating part of her time to environmental causes.

Since 2004, she has been the highest-paid model in the world, and is the sixteenth richest woman in the entertainment industry (as of 2007).In 2012 she placed first on the Forbes top-earning models list. From 2000 to 2005, Bündchen was in a relationship with American actor Leonardo DiCaprio. She married New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in 2009.

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