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Tako Natsvlishvili
Tako Natsvlishvili
April 2015

Meet the dark-haired belle who's fast becoming a fashion A-lister and making a name for herself! Tako Natsvlishvili has built up an impressive catwalk portfolio palling around runways having worked for some of the world´s most famous brands, like Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior, Calvin Klein.
The beautiful sixteen-year-old Georgian model is also famous due to her mother, Nino Tskitishvili, founder of the “Model Look” modelling Agency. She recently took to the catwalk for Versace at a Paris fashion show. We suspect her rising industry buzz is set to prove that this fresh face is no one-season-wonder.
With her poise and determination it’s unlikely we’ll be forgetting this beauty any time soon. We have a feeling this girl's strong editorial looks are going to champion diversity across the international catwalks next season.
In an exclusive interview with LoveFMD magazine, Tako discusses her beginnings, her beauty secrets and her plans for the future .

Tell us about yourself and how you got started into the modelling business?

I was born in Tbilisi, Georgia on the 9th of October 1998 and I raised in my city Tbilisi. Actually my mother Nina is a former model and now she has her own agency - look models - which is the number one agency in Georgia and I started with her. The NEXT model management group came to Georgia and visited our agency and they liked me… so that’s how I started!

Does your name have a special meaning?

No, it’s just the short name of Tamara. It’s a nickname :)

You have a great body! What do you do to stay in shape?

Thanks! I’ll be honest, sometimes I eat too much but I always control it not to gain weight, and every early morning I drink 2 bottles of water and workout.

What makes you feel happy?

SUMMER!! It makes me happy because of the holidays, the sunny days and then I am surrounded with my friends and family.

At what point did you decide you wanted to be a model?

I don’t know it just happened and I am so happy because of it.

What’s the funniest thing that happened to you on a photo shoot or fashion show?

Once on the runway I put on different sizes of shoes, but thanks god I walked normally!

How would you describe yourself as model in three words?

Confident, sexy-cute, runway-girl!

Out of all the places your career has taken you, where was the most memorable?

Paris because I did my first couture and it was amazing!!

Who is your favorite photographer? Why?

Rene Habermacher we shoot 3 times and he is an awesome, super cute photographer I have ever seen!

What was the hardest photo shoot for you, and why?

I was shooting an Editorial and we were on the roof top, I was so scared of the height and I was nervous all the time.

What tips and advice do you have for aspiring models just starting out, something you wish someone would have told you?

Never stress, even on castings or on anything else. Everything will be okay in the end… If it’s not ok it’s not the end girls!!!

Have you had any negative experiences with model agencies, talent scouts? What are top 3 warning signs to look out for?

Fortunately, I didn’t have any! Thanks god!

Would you share some of your future goals, your life motto, any words of wisdom that get you by in life and professional career?

NEVER GIVE UP! That is my motto.

What should a relationship between an agent and model look like?

They should be really open, friendly and honest to each other.

Who is your favorite all-time model?

Gisele Bündchen.

How do you feel fashion has empowered you?

It made me believe in myself and helped me to build a strong personality.

Is the fashion world what you expected it to be?

No, everything is totally different but I like difference…

What things in your wardrobe would you never throw away?

My Marc Jacobs sneakers! They are super comfortable and I can’t imagine castings without them. Coach coat and Givenchy leather pants.

Who is your style icon?

Blake Lively

What are your best beauty secrets?

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream is magic! Makes my lips and face so fresh and protects it from dirt.

Do you have any beauty / skin care tips or tricks to look fresh and rested for early morning photo shoots?

The Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream!

When models say they eat healthy, what do they mean by that?

low-fat low-calories, lots of water and veggies

How would you describe yourself as a human being in three words?

Kind, honest, friendly

What’s controversial or unique about you?

Ask my agents :)

If you could have one superpower, what would you choose?

I would choose flying.

What would you like to change about yourself if you can choose only one thing?

I would keep everything the same!

What are your favorite things to do in your free time?

Listen to music very loud and dance, or going out with my friends.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? What could be your next career?

I will be 26 so I hope I will still be a model. My next career could be business woman.

Do people act different around you since you’ve become a model?

Yeah! Many fake friends are texting me when they even didn’t say “Hi” before...

Do you have any model friend that you would suggest for the next model of the month on FMD?

Kia Low. She is super nice <3

What’s your favorite fashion magazine? Why?

Vogue. It’s one of the biggest and I love the team and I also had a shooting with them for the May issue.

Thank you Tako for this great interview!
note: all answers are original and unaltered - Editor: Dijana Zeravica & Clinton Gonsalvez

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