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Lucie Hruba
Lucie Hruba
February 2017

Lucie Hruba is our Model Of The Month for February 2017. The young Czech Republic native made her foray into Fashion at 13 years old when she won a modeling competition and got a contract with an agency in Prague. However, as she looked younger than her years she was considered too young for the fashion industry, and decided to finish high-school instead.
Self describing herself as cute but psycho, Lucie has lots of potential and is living her dream as a model. She considers the ability to explore new places, food and culture as the most exciting aspect about modeling. While she may be young she is wise beyond her years and has plenty of advice for aspiring models
She considers Coco Rocha as her all time favorite model and Cara Delevingne as her style icon. German photographer Juergen Teller is one of her favorite photographers.
Lucie doesn't take herself too seriously. With her outspoken attitude, great personality, she is on a fast track to becoming instantly recognizable and we won't be surprised if she turns up on their runway later this year.
Learn a little bit about this beauty in this month's inspiring interview below. Later, check out her profile on FMD.

Did you always wanted to be a model, or did you stumble upon it, get discovered etc.? Who or what inspired you to become a model? How did you get started in the modeling business?

When I was 13 years old I took part at a modeling competition, where I came in second and got a contract with an agency in Prague. As my look was to kiddy for the fashion industry, I decided to first finish my high-school before I started to travel.

What is your favorite or most exciting aspect about being a model? What do you like least? Have you encountered any surprises along the way? What has been your most awkward moment (of your modeling career)?

The most exciting aspect for me as a model is to be able to explore new places, food and culture. What I don't like is when the photographer to over photoshop (or retouch) the images so that I don't look like myself anymore! The biggest surprise I encountered was the fact that "models are eating!" :D The most awkward moment I had during my short modeling career was on a hot day where it has 40 degrees outside and when I arrived at the studio it was -10 there!

What's the funniest thing that happened to you on a photo shoot or fashion show?

This is something that regularly happened to me, which actually isn't funny at the moment but after a while when you remember back you start smiling about the situation. All the time when I walk fashion shows the shoes I have to wear are even too big or too small. As a model, no matter what shoe size you have, you have to fit from 37 to 41 and accidentally you never got the right shoe size to wear.

How would you describe yourself as model in three words?

Young and without money as many models but talented. :D

Out of all the places your career has taken you, where was the most memorable?

Hong Kong

Who is your favorite photographer? Why?

Juergen Teller

What was the hardest photo shoot for you, and why?

I would say every photo shoot where I don't get something to eat. :-(

Did anyone in the industry ask you to change your look, name, etc.? If so, what did you do?

Yes. I was asked a few times to change my hair, they also told me to lose some weight and to change my style. But I like changes!

What tips and advice do you have for aspiring models just starting out, something you wish someone would have told you?

My advice for aspiring models would be don't take the modeling too serious. In the beginning you may also need to spend money to make money! As you need professional pictures, composite cards, clothing for castings etc.

Have you had any negative experiences with model agencies, talent scouts? What are top 3 warning signs to look out for?

Unfortunately, yes. Ones I had a bad experience with an agency in China. They were not professional at all and I was just counting the days to finish my contract with them to get home! Further negative experiences you may could have, is that some agencies will try to offer you modelling school for big money and promise you that after the school you are going to be a topmodel and will get guarantee jobs! Also sometimes it could happen when you do shootings with particular photographers that you have to pay for it.

Would you share some of your future goals, your life motto, any words of wisdom that get you by in life and professional career?

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

What should a relationship between an agent and model look like?

Professional, trustable, responsible and the model should be able to talk to her agent whenever she has problems.

Who is your favorite all-time model?

Coco Rocha

Do other models inspire you?

Yes, I'm getting inspired ever day :-)

Is the fashion world what you expected it to be?

Not really. When I started modeling, I thought that all models just have to be beautiful and perfect. But the real secret what you need as a model isn't being perfect. What you really need is a great personality, attitude and something that makes you unique to be recognizable and makes you stand out from the crowd.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

When I'm not working I like to spend the time with my family and friends, sleeping, reading books and painting.

Who are your favorite fashion designers?

Phillip Plen

Best Jeans?


What things in your wardrobe would you never throw away?

My black leather jacket.

What era would you like to bring back?

The 90's.

Who is your style icon?

Cara Delevigne

Your favorite store?


What are your best beauty secrets?

My beauty secret is that I always have two spoons in the freezer. When I wake up in the morning and my eyes are puffy with dark circles around, I just put the spoons for a while on it. IT REALLY HELPS!

Do you have any beauty / skin care tips or tricks to look fresh and rested for early morning photo shoots?

The best advice to look fresh the other day is to apply a moisturizer, drink a glass of water and go early to bed.

Do you believe in homemade recipes? Do you have one to share with us?

Yes. Take one banana, some honey and the juice of a lemon, mix it together and apply it on your skin. It is very hydrating for you skin and also helps with acne and little scars.

How much attention do you pay to meditation & exercise, or is it all natural? How do you stay in shape?

I do 10 minutes meditation. As I love walking I prefer to go by walk instead of using the metro or bus all the time. I like sport but I don't like to go to the gym, so I prefer swimming or skiing instead.

What makes you feel sexy?

When I'm walking outside and listening to my favorite playlist and start feeling like I'm on the runway. :D

What is your favorite part about your body?

My eyes.

Favorite kind of food:

Japanese (ramen soup, sushi) and Italian.

When models say they eat healthy, what do they mean by that?

To eat a lot of fruit, vegetable, proteins, healthy fats, drinking a lot of water and get around of processed food.

How would you describe yourself as a human being in three words?

Cute but psycho.

What's controversial or unique about you?

The way I'm thinking.

If you could have one superpower, what would you choose?

Superhuman speed, it would really help me with castings ;-)

What would you like to change about yourself if you can choose only one thing?

To procrastinate less.

What are your favorite things to do in your free time?

Skiing, reading, swimming and sleeping.

Do you have any model friend that you would suggest for the next model of the month on FMD?

Aneta Kalouskova, she is amazing!

Favorite kind of music? Favorite television series or movie?

My favorite music is Deep House and I love all action movies with Vin Diesel.

Favorite quote:

When you want something you' ve never had, you have to do something you've never done.

I'd like to meet...

Future me

Happiness is ...

... being loved

If you could change one thing in the past years, what would it be?

Don't beeing scared to make mistakes

People have said I look like ...

Bianca Balti, Bella Hadid

What would you ask yourself that we haven't asked you in this interview?

What am I really scared of? "Of clowns" but I guess everyone is, I don't believe people who claim the opposite.

Thank you Lucie for this great interview!
note: all answers are original and unaltered - Editor:Iva Mirbach, Intro: Clinton Gonsalvez

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