Russian Vogue is published in Russia by Conde Nast. Originally published ten times a year, in 2002 it became a monthly. The editor-in-chief is Aliona Doletskaya and the art director is Brendan Parker. It is printed in the UK or Germany for export. Russian Vogue uses big-name photographers as well as Russians regularly in their visual editorial work. While the paper is of a better quality than American Vogue, the printing looks very similar, but at a higher resolution. Their covers are highly original and unlike any other on the market, with rather hard photography and close up shots that might not be considered cover material elsewhere. As a result, they stand out and are very lively and interesting. Well, judge for yourself! Most of the inside photo editorials are also very individual and stand on their own. However, every month they often feature at least one reprinted series that was used previously in other international Vogue's, especially the American edition. Advertising is minimal to good, with big advertisers like Gucci and Cerruti as well as many Russian cigarette ads. Vogue Russia began publishing with the September 1998 issue.

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