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Pull & Bear is a Spanish chain of fashion stores introduced in 1991 by Inditex Group which first appears as a result of a strategy of market segmentation. This was at a time when men were looking for a basic fashion style influenced by international trends, with the brand quickly adapted to their needs by respecting three essential factors: fashion, price and quality. The driving force behind Pull & Bear is taking fashion to the general public.

This brand is directed at young people aged between 14 and 28 and offers collections based mainly on casual designs. New technologies, alternative sports and the latest artistic trends form the sources of inspiration.

The chain�s ability to understand the concept of global fashion, combined with an aggressive price policy, helped its international expansion from 1992 onwards, with the opening of its first stores in Portugal.

The turnover and international presence of the Inditex Group has made it one of the flagships of Spanish fashion.

The firm has 614 stores in a total of 41 countries.

In 1995 Pull and Bear arrived in Greece and Malta, quickly gaining a foothold in both markets.

In 1997 the first store in Israel opened.

In 1998 Pull & Bear launched their first women�s wear collection. Likewise, the Pull & Bear line joined forces with XCYE, which offers more sporty, high-tech clothing and which has always been linked with the icons that the 21st century young identify with. This year also saw the creation of the first website, and the opening of the first stores in Cyprus.

In 1999 new product lines boosted the creation of stores where music, technology, videogames and video images were mixed with the clothing to offer clients a genuine lifestyle.

In 2000 Pull & Bear first shops in Kuwait opened.

In 2001 a new line of clothing was introduced in stores, SICKONINETEEN, also aimed at young customers. New stores opened in the same year in the Arab Emirates, Ireland and Venezuela.

In 2002 Pull & Bear opened new shops in Mexico, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar and the Lebanon.

In 2003 first shops opened in Andorra and Slovakia.

In 2004 Pull & Bear opened new shops in Romania and Russia.

In 2005 Pull & Bear opened new shops in France, Italy, Czech Republic and Turkey.

In 2006 Pull & Bear opened new shops in El Salvador, Lithuania, Poland and Singapore.

By 2007 Pull & Bear opened new shops in Slovenia, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Guatemala, Latvia, Malaysia, Serbia and Hungary.

In 2008 Pull & Bear opened new shops in Montenegro, Indonesia, Egypt and UK.

In 2009 Pull & Bear opened new shops in Croatia, Ukraine, Estonia, China and Syria.

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