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Karl Lagerfeld

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This "young" line (akin to Prada's Miu Miu line) was formed by Karl Lagerfeld in 1962 in cooperation with input from the five daughters.

Fendissime is present in New York and Tokyo (there are also 30 sales outlets in Japan) and of course on the new Roman "Rive Gauche" or "Left Bank" which was born on the left hand side of Via del Corso, the wide street that bisects the downtown shopping area, and follows an itinerary which goes from Via Fontanella Borghese to Via del Governo Vecchio just behind Piazza Navona. Eva

The Fendissime shop has the atmosphere of a large comfortable "salon" where the product occupies the space "naturally": the ready-to-wear garments, the accessories, the shoes are all items that relate to life in the city, for sport and to relax. Maria Teresa, Federica and Maria Ilaria's passion for fashion has brought them to achieve this most satusfying result. Their years of working together and continuing the family tradition in thier very own personal and autonomous way, paying careful attention to research into style, production, distribution and a special care to prices has paid off with impressive results...

And they still want to do more... Fendissime at Via Fontanella Borghese wants to become an international meeting point with a rest area where one can stop to read newspapers and foreign magazines, drink a cup of tea or coffee, write a letter or see an exhibition.


1986 Fendi (W)
1988 Fendi (M)
1991 Asja (W)
1996 Fantasia
1996 Life Essence (W)
1996 Life Essence (M)
1998 Theorema (W)
1999 Theorema Esprit d’Ete
2001 Theorema (M)
2003 Profumi (W)
2004 Fendi 2004 (W)
2005 Celebration (W)
2005 Fendi Palazzo Perfume (W)
2008 Palazzo Fendi Eau de Toilette (W)
Launchdate unknown Fendi Theorema Leggero (W)
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