Steve Hiett is a contemporary and fashion photographer, designer, art director, and musician.

Steve Hiett was born in Great Britain in 1940. He went to art school to study painting where he became interested in Graphic Art and Photography. In 1962 he went to the Royal College of Art Graphic Design school but became interested in music. He then became a musician in 1966, playing guitar in several bands until various events led him to discover fashion photography.

In 1969, Steve worked for Nova, English Vogue and the now defunct Queen magazine until he moved to France and started working for French Vogue and Marie Claire.

He then restarted graphic design working primarily with clients related to the fashion industry. He directed TV commercials often having the opportunity to work with music as well as images.

In 1992 he moved to New York and worked as an art director for G.V.C. and selected fashion magazines.

Then in 1994 Steve worked as the Art Director of Arthur Elgort's "Model Manual." He has moved back to Paris and continues to work as a fashion photographer and on his music.

His clients include Fitflop, Galleries Lafayette, Joop, Agnes B, Warehouse, Dulux and Kookai.

Hiett's work has appeared in magazines such as Nova, Vogue (English, French, and Italian), and Marie Claire.

He has also done graphic design, art direction, and directed television commercials for fashion industry clients and publications.

Currently, Steve resides in Paris and works exclusively as a fashion photographer.


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