Music, art, fashion, technology.

These four elements have guided Remi Adetiba through his career and his life. From his beginnings as a creative technologist in the fast-paced New York advertising industry, working on campaigns for everyone from SONY to Stoli, Microsoft to MTV, look and function were never more important than feel — the emotional impact a digital, print, or video experience left with the audience.

This principle guided him through a decade of work as a retoucher/creative director, working with visionary photographers in North America, Asia, and Africa to distill their original visions through the prism of his own imagination to create a final product that truly evoked an emotion in the viewer.

A true child of the MTV generation (born to children of the Stax/Motown era), music plays a major role in everything he does. From crafting full, hours-long thematic soundtracks to set the narrative mood on his shoots, to cultivating an encyclopedic knowledge of ’90s music-video imagery, he considers music to be inextricable from his work as a interpreter of images.

Thankfully, he keeps his obsessions with dogs and politics out of his work. Well, mostly.

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