His aesthetic has been described as anti-fashion, counterculture, and unfettered by the constraints of the mainstream publishing world.


Since 1992, Olivier Zahm has been Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Purple Fashion, the biannual magazine molded out of his unique vision of bridging the art and fashion worlds. Zahm also runs the Paris-based think tank Purple Institute, an art direction society and consulting company aimed at creating links between the art world and industry.

Olivier Zahm worked as a freelance arts journalist contributing to Artforum, Flash Art, Art Press and Texte Zur Kunst during the 1980s and early 1990s.

Zahm founded the photoblog Purple Diary in 2009 and has had shows of his photographic work at Half Gallery in New York, Colette in Paris, and Leadapron in Los Angeles.


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