His images tell stories, and capture moments in a relaxed and natural expression, showcasing his skilful direction and lighting abilities. Henriks work is a continual dialogue between shape, and movement, and his appreciation of landscape and ‘place’ is always present in his pictures. His ever-evolving journey as an image maker has led him to become an accomplished commercial moving image director also.

Clients include:

VILA , Object, 1., Custommade, BlueDeGenes, Gabba, Change, Red/Green, Forrest&Bob, Underprotection, Envy, Fiona Paxton, Loveable, Kiilerich, Message, MbyM, Pandora, Dyrberg/Kern


Denmark based fashion photographer Henrik Adamsen notched up several careers before his career in photography. Starting out as a retoucher in the early 90s, before moving on to graphic design and art direction, Henrik now works as a photographer, creating sexy, provocative images for fashion and beauty campaigns.

Studio Address

Rentemestervej 52
Copenhagen, 2400


Agency: AMP Agency (
Agency Scandinavia: Nordstromagency (

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