Who is the “New Face of Fashion?”

Models Joan Small, 23, and Karlie Kloss, 19, face off on two versions of W Magazine’s July cover. According to the magazine, “together they represent the new face of fashion.”

Smalls and Kloss, pose against a simple grey background and they both look stunning with similar hair and skin colour. The Chicago born Kloss is seen wearing a Yves Saint Laurent silk jacket with long locks falling around her shoulders. Her piercing green eyes appear cat-like as she narrows them fiercely into the lens. Puerto-Rican born Smalls looks equally stunning wearing a Dolce & Gabbana cotton and silk blend ruffle blouse. Wild curls tumble around her shoulders and make-up is kept simple except for the extra lashings of black eyeliner to bring out her brown eyes.

Both models are stars in their own right. Karlie Kloss is on a roll. She has served as the face of Marc Jacobs and became a Victoria’s Secret alum last November. She was photographed on the beaches of Bahia, Brazil for an American Vogue editorial spread and has walked for Karl Lagerfeld, Gucci, Valentino and Versace.

Smalls is currently featured in a major Calvin Klein Jeans campaign and was also featured in this year’s Pirelli calendar and she is rocking the runway. She has walked for Gucci, Burberry, Prada, Yves Saint Laurent and Anna Sui.

So, whose the creative genius behind this move? It is Steven Meisel, an American photographer, who is credited with being fashion’s image-maker. He has a talent for being innovative and for seeking out the extra-ordinary. Like all great image makers “he not only depicts fashion but defines it.” And it is no different here. Two models who look similar on two covers of the same issue. Yes, you’ve got our attention. How much more prolific can you be?

T. J. Mueller