Whitney Thompson Launches Supermodel Line of Candles & Jewelry

Whitney Thompson
is back home in Neptune Beach. As much as she's taking a breather with her family and close friends, she's still business.
In fact, America's Next Top Model is starting a business.
Thompson plans to sell a line of jewelry and scented candles. The wax from the candles can be used as a massage moisturizer. The new adventure is very personal.
"My designs, my candles, my jewelry, all of it is 100 percent me," said Thompson, from the comfort of Jaffi's, the boutique in Neptune Beach where her modeling career began.
The candles come in a variety of scents. The names read like her monthly travel itinerary: Hong Kong Blossoms; London Hot Tea and Ginger; Los Angeles Lilly; Milan Melon; Paris and Berries; and Central Park.
Oh, and there's also a candle called Boyfriend's Shirt. Thompson says it's something that the man in your life might like.
The man in her life goes to Jacksonville University. His name is Logan Chipperfield. He's a punter. Even ESPN is tracking his stats.
Most of the products are made on the First Coast. The jewelry is made by hand by a friend in Tennessee. Everything goes through her.
"Everything is literally touched by my hands," said Thompson. "It's all me. They're my babies. I love them."
So, what about the name, Supermodel?
"I've tried to make my collection real. It's stuff that I love and I would wear and I'm a supermodel so I was thinking, 'Hey! Supermodel.' It's easy."
Jaffi's is the only place on the First Coast where Thompson's products will be sold. Everything will be under $100, with some pieces under $20. The owner of the store says it's nice to see a homegrown girl stay connected to her roots.
"It's very exciting to see a young woman follow her dreams, not just in modeling community but also as an entrepreneur," said Emilie Christenson. The owner of the store on First Street in Neptune Beach says she remembers the moment when Thompson's modeling career took off in her store.
"I had known her as a customer at Jaffi's," smiled Christenson. "She came in and she said, 'I want to do a photo shoot for you and I will rock it.' I just laughed and thought she's so adorable. Of course we'll use you for a photo shoot. And, she rocked it. It's probably the best photo shoot we've ever done."
The rest is history. Thompson went on to win America's Next Top Model hosted by Tyra Banks. Since then, she's on major magazine covers and traveling the world. In fact, she stopped in Jacksonville for just a few days before flying to some other far-away place.
While home, the 22-year-old supermodel finds comfort in her family and the beach, even though her family lives along the Trout River. She hits Bono's, and the 7" Peruvian crunchy sub at Angie's is also a favorite eat.
Thompson will be back in town briefly over the next two weeks.
She's giving a modeling seminar on November 20.
And she will attend an autograph signing session at Jaffi's on December 5. It'll take place at 4 p.m. Jaffi's is located at 200 First Street in Neptune Beach.
source: firstcoastnews.com