It was just another party Wednesday for Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell

Party hard Kate Moss and pal Naomi Campbell don’t seem to be slowing down as far as parties go. The two fashion circuit veterans put on their best duds and flaunted their party styles on Wednesday.
First, it was off to The Serpentine Summer party and the gals looks smashing dressed in black ensembles. Kate’s transparent print dress paired with a tuxedo-style blazer hid and exposed at the same time but that’s not a problem for the lady who is getting ready to bare all for the Playboy magazine. Naomi’s David Koma dress was super sexy paired with the studded high heel boots. They came ready to party and they did! After the Serpentine Summer party, they headed to 45 Park Lane for the Dream for Future Africa Foundation dinner. Then it was on to a house party in Primrose Hill where they were joined by none other than the legendary Ms Grace Jones. The larger than life Ms Jones showed off her eccentric style sense by donning a black and white hat, an all-black ensemble and flashed her pearly whites as she was seen leaving the party at 5 a.m.
Naomi seemed to be having a smashing time as she smiled at the cameras winningly but the smile seemed to be missing on Kate’s face. She looked tired and bleary-eyed as she made the rounds but then again, with Kate that tired look seems to be a permanent part of her make-up. Too much partying Kate? Perhaps, it’s time to slow down…….
T. J. Mueller