Victoria\'s Secret Angel Sara Sampaio shares story of abuse on Instagram

After Cameron Russell and several women in the modeling world have shared stories of abuse with the hashtag #MyJobShouldNotIncludeAbuse Sara Sampaio has come forward.

The Victoria's Secret Angel is the latest model to share her story in an Instagram post on Thursday in which she alleges that French men's magazine Lui published a nude cover image of her without her consent.

According to Sampaio, during a shoot for their autumn 2017 issue she did not want to be naked at all and even made it clear with a clause in the contract. However, she was aggressively put under pressure to pose nude; 'They asked why I did not want to show my nipples or go naked. I had to defend myself constantly, mark my boundaries and make sure I was well covered,' she wrote in her post.

Although she spoke up and was assured that those images would not be used, when she reviewed the images from the shoot, there were parts of her body that had been accidentally exposed that she didn't want to be.

Sampaio also added that she is working with her agency and attorney to pursue legal action against the magazine. Meanwhile she hopes that more models will emerge to reveal systematic abuse in the fashion industry. 'As models and as women, we need to stand together and demand the respect we deserve,' she concluded. 'We have the right to make our own individual choices about our bodies, our images, and our lives.'

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