Tyra Banks To Be Spotted On \'Gossip Girl\'
It's turning out to be a real all-star lineup for the next season of "Gossip Girl." If Hilary Duff and Joanna Garcia in recurring roles aren't enough to entice viewers, they've also got supermodel-turned-TV-mogul Tyra Banks lined up for an episode on October 5.
According to "Access Hollywood," Banks, whose talk show and "America's Next Top Model" air on the CW, will appear on one episode of the teen drama as a "larger-than-life" actress named Ursula Nyquist who tangles with Serena at a film premiere.
EW.com reported that Banks' character co-stars in a film with the actress played by Duff, who will be also be Vanessa's roommate at NYU.
This certainly isn't the model's first foray into acting. Long before she played herself in "Hannah Montana: The Movie," she was a bartender in "Coyote Ugly." She had a recurring role on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" back in the 90s. She also appeared in one episode of "Felicity" and made a cameo on "American Dreams," alongside onetime "Gossip Girl" actress Brittany Snow.
Before "Gossip Girl" returns on September 14, fans are no doubt anxious to see what's going on between on-again-off-again pair Blair and Chuck. Star Leighton Meester recently told MTV News that things aren't quite over for them. "Them together just seems so real. I mean, he loves her," she said. "The point is you love to hate him. You hate to love him. And he's such a very definitive character and he's always changing too. He's awesome."
source: mtv.com