The Prettiest Valentine\'s Day Makeup Look

Who knew Valentine's Day really does inspire some good beauty tips.

Enchanting the opposite sex is less complex than you might imagine. So if you love to have gorgeous big, bold, fluffy lashes? Or prefer a more sensual and alluring look for a romantic night out to impress your sweetheart (and seduce their attention) then make sure to primp a little. Looking gorgeous starts with using the right tool for the job. If you like to have the perfect application for your lashes to achieve a magical result then you should try out the new Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit by Physical Formula which gives your lashes a thicker, fuller, longer and more dramatic look. The result is that the whites of your eyes will look brighter and the power of darkening your eyelashes runs much deeper as you may think, as form an evolutionary standpoint, it signals health, femininity, and youth. Just use the mascara as usual and apply the Extensions to get the perfect look for your lashes. To get bolster and thicken lashes for a major volume you just have to apply multiple coats to build thicker fringe till you get the perfect result you are looking for.

Watch the full lovey-dovey makeup tutorial below and take your date-night look to the next level.