The Papal Pedestrian
South Africa got a taste of religion with Ludwig Bezuidenhout. The ten-look collection was fit for the everyday woman (or even the pope himself, though I'm sure we won't see him donning this collection). The garments represented were wardrobe staples -- comfortable yet stylish blouses, voluminous jackets, and a great pair of leggings or trousers.

As with most fashion collections, the devil is in the details. Bezuidenhout's design details were memorable but not over-the-top; he kept a simple color palette of black, white and grey and sparingly used just one print (the silhouette of a sheep). The religious undertones come with the high collars and the crosses around the models' necks. A few of the models also wore full button-down dresses or jumpsuits reminiscent of casual papal house dresses.

Nikki Monte