\'He still ties my shoes for me\': Iman reveals how David Bowie makes her feel special

David Bowie is such a doting husband he even ties his wife's shoelaces.
Supermodel Iman has revealed how the 63-year-old rock star gets down on bended knees to tend to her every need.
'My marriage is exactly as fabulous as you all would think,' she grinned.
Iman, 55, gushed about her husband of 18 years during an appearance on Nate Berkus' US chat show.
The fashionista told Berkus how Bowie educates her because he is 'interested in everything'.
'He's fun, he's a really very curious man and so I really learn a lot from him,' she said.
Iman nodded as the chat show host painted a picture of the perfect husband and suggested that Bowie probably protects her from getting splashed in the rain.
iman 2
'He still ties my shoes for me,' she added, causing Berkus to groan in jest.
Iman and Bowie wed on April 4 1992 and have a 10-year-old daughter. Alexandria Zahra Jones.
Iman is also stepmother to Duncan Jones, Bowie son from a previous marriage.
The couple split their time between London and New York.
source: dailymail.co.uk