Shanina Shaik Defends Kendall and Gigi Hadid\'s Modeling Careers

Shanina Shaik has stood up for Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid's Victoria's Secret debut.

Following recent criticism of their rapid rise to catwalk fame, Shanina (24) who made her debut for the brand in 2011 said that, Kendall and Gigi earned their spots on the runway in an interview with Daily Mail Australia. 'I know them personally. Attachment sometimes from the outside in can help but they do work really hard,' she explained. 'They also have dreams and goals they want to achieve and they're very humble and they're very appreciative of everything great that happens to them. I see that myself.'

She also said that Gigi had done several auditions for the show, but was repeatedly rejected. 'Gigi's been modeling since she was a young kid and I think people forget that. Gigi had to try out a few times before she got in. And Kendall, she's been saying she wants to model for a while. They did an amazing job and they looked great and they did amazing for the show. They have amazing bodies and they fit the criteria for Victoria's Secret.'

Shaik further added that she recognizes the position that they're in, and recalled: 'I had Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr who gave me advice at that time. So I would say to Kendall and Gigi, you know what, enjoy the moment.'

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