Ruby Rose Stands Out in the new G-star Raw S/S\'19 Campaign

Australian actress, model and presenter Ruby Rose fronts the new G-star Raw S/S'19 Campaign.

The motto of the new G-Star campaign "It's you. Own it." carried by the slogan "Affirm you"? is a lifestyle that nobody could better communicate to us than Ruby who is the perfect embodiment of what G-Star stands.

'For me it means standing by oneself and also accepting others in their uniqueness. No two people are alike, and that's a good thing, we should celebrate our differences. I am proud of all my friends and colleagues who have outed and told their story. Because they did just that and encouraged others,' she told Vogue of what the motto of the campaign means to her.

'I've always been a fan of G-Star: I find in the spirit of the brand that passion that drives me and my respect for the planet In this campaign, I like how G-Star encourages us to accept us for who we are and to assert ourselves Denim has this remarkable quality of giving self-confidence,' said the actress in a statement.

Ruby appears in a series of black and white shots in the street, highlighting her rebellious personality and challenges everyone to take destiny into their own hands and invites all unique individuals to come as they are as they discover the new collection.

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