Model Hila Elmalich Shocking Image at Death!
Fashion model Hila Elmalich was so thin when she died. In the world of fashion, many now have figured out that the pressure was too much for the model and she succumbed to outside influences and lost control and dropped so much weight that her body couldn't take it. Does the industry really need these pin thin models? Is this the right message? is this "killer beauty"?
ABC News reports when the Israeli fashion model died last week after years of fighting anorexia, she weighed less than 60 pounds. Her death sent a shockwave through Israel's fashion world. Elmalich, who had been in and out of hospitals for several years, collapsed at home and died Wednesday of heart failure.
What a sad end. The image here that was broadcast on ABC Television is shocking. The young model faints on Israeli television before being rushed to the hospital. Injury Board has this: “This is not the first death attributed to the modeling industry. 22-year-old model Luisel Ramos died during Fashion Week in August. She reportedly lived on lettuce and diet drinks. Then 21-year-old Ana Carolina Reston died when she hit a weight of 88 pounds at 5’8 with a BMI of 13.5.
Photographer Adi Barkan, calls the women “fashion mannequins” that are being used to sell a beauty ideal. Calls from girls suffering from anorexia flooded a television station recently after he did an interview.
Partially because of Barkan’s protests, Israel has became the first nation to pass laws requiring a model have a healthy body mass index (BMI) or 19 or above.