Milla Jovovich returns as Alice in Resident Evil‘s, “Retribution.”

The model turned actress returns with a vengeance in the new sequel of Resident Evil, “Retribution,” dressed in black leather and ready to take on the Umbrella Corporation. The two and a half minute trailer packs a punch and is fast paced with explosive scenes.

The clip begins with a happy Alice (Milla) playing the character of an all American housewife having breakfast with husband and daughter. But it doesn’t stay that way very long as disaster strikes. As loving husband fights the monster, Alice is captured and awakens in the heart of the Umbrella Corporations clandestine operation without a safety net and continues to hunt those responsible for the outbreak. What outbreak? The Umbrella Corporation’s deadly T-virus continues to ravage Earth transforming the global population into legions of flesh eating undead and Alice is mankind’s one and only hope. The chase takes her from Tokyo to New York, Washington D.C and to Moscow. Aided by friends and allies she fights to rescue a world that is at the brink of oblivion. When evil goes global, the countdown begins.

Michelle Rodriquez who is no newcomer to tough-chick roles dishes out more of the same. As Rain Ocampo she is seen as a gun-toting action woman. This is a role made in heaven for Ms Rodriquez as the lady can throw a punch and loves playing with guns.

To increase the anticipation, words are constantly printed across the screen adding to what is to come.

“She had the perfect life. What if it all never existed? Who can you trust. What do you believe….when evil goes global.”

Are you ready for the gore-fest?

This September coming to a big screen near you. Milla Jovovich in 3D. Resident Evil: Retribution.

Until then, “patience.” All will be revealed in good time.

T. J. Mueller